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Acuity International Sdn Bhd started on the 19th of October year 2020. Since then, Acuity has been serving customers and partners worldwide providing total logistics solutions. With 15 years of experiences, the owner of Acuity shares her skills and experiences with the team members in hope that Acuity can continuously strive to serve our clients, providing convenience and solutions in logistics.

Our way in serving customers and partners worldwide comes back to the most simple and basic steps which is taking customers cargo as if it is our own. We Care, We Serve, We Resolve! We strive to make sure that our customers are happy with our services with fast, accurate response and the ability to quickly resolves their logistics issues. By engaging our services, we allow our clients to be at ease in having frequent updates so that they are well aware of the shipment's progress at all times.

Acuity started of with a believe; a believe that Acuity will be able to play a part in contributing and helping to make the world a better place. We make sure that we treat our team members as our assets and our customers & partners as our priority. It is our everyday job to make every important aspects of the customer experience a little bit better.

“Going above and beyond for customers is what separates companies that thrive from companies that only survive.”

In any service business, our sole job is to make our customer's life easier. While there may be only one way to perform a task, there are a million ways to work with the customer. Find a way to work with the customer that makes their life easier.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo, Dangerous goods, Heavy cargo

Service we mostly handle:

Sea freight, Air freight, Trucking

Mostly frequent target area:

Australia, China, India, United Arab Emirates, United States (US)

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