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Amakin Shipping, that focuses on the growth of your business. Customer care and the needs of our clients are at the forefront of our values. Our goal is to create a one-stop third-party supply chain resource and set ourselves apart as a forwarding company offering personalized service and customized worldwide logistics and transportation solutions. Our mission is to be a Reliable partner with our clients by providing a broad range of logistics services and to always deliver the most effective and efficient customer care. Amakin Shipping offers a complete line of shipping and brokerage services to shippers worldwide. International or Domestic. Ocean, Air, Trucking, Express. Full-Service door to door, import clearance. Amakin Shipping can handle any and all of your transportation needs. Our experienced and dedicated staff takes a personal hand on approach with all your cargo. This means prompt and personal and Commercial service from start to finish. In addition to freight forwarding solutions, Amakin Shipping handles all aspects of logistics management, bringing efficiency and cost-effective operation to all points in your supply chain

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