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Cheapest Express Clearing & Forwarding Agency is a privately owned & Manage by Apollo Marine Lie Gambia Co Ltd, Following many years in the industry working with clearing agencies and other large private sectors & Shipping companies in the Gambia. Our Company was established in 2016.
The founder saw the need for a personalized and fast turn-around agency, particularly in their specialist field,the motor vehicle,automobile industry. Cheapest Express extremely proud to be associated with key Global partners & Friends around the world.
We add huge value to our clients by ensuring the correct legal interpretation, classification and
valuation of goods takes place in this way, we help clients avoid incorrect classification of goods,where selling prices could be prejudiced or penalties could be imposed.
The company has grown rapidly since inception and in addition to clearing vehicles and other general goods and services for our Gambian based clients,we also service the neighbouring countries surrounding Gambia by providing a much needed service to clients wanting to import their own second hand vehicles( or privately purchased vehicles from abroad)into the country.

At Cheapest Express we become a part of our clients business and strive to seek the best suited options on all their shipments at all times.
Cheapest Express provides a comprehensive door-to-door service for consignments of any size by air, sea, or road, to and from anywhere in the world and throughout Africa.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo, Vehicle, Live animal

Service we mostly handle:

Sea freight, Trucking, Warehousing

Mostly frequent target area:

China, Turkey, Vietnam

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