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PT HJS Transportasi Service Offered: - Trucking and Transportation Services: PT HJS Transportasi likely offers the transportation of goods and cargo using trucks. They may have a fleet of trucks of different sizes to accommodate various types of shipments. - Regional Distribution: Specializes in distributing goods within the Java region, which is one of the most populous and economically active regions in Indonesia. - Freight Management: Offers freight management services, including tracking, scheduling, and optimization of transportation routes. - Warehousing: May provide warehousing facilities for storage and distribution purposes. - Customized Logistics Solutions: Tailors logistics solutions to meet the specific needs of clients, which may include businesses in various industries such as manufacturing, retail, or e-commerce. The company primarily focuses on serving cities and regions within Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, and Jawa Timur. These regions are known for their industrial and commercial activities, making logistics services crucial for businesses operating there.

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