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Greetings from iasy Solutions!!
Please find attached our company profile for your reference. We look forward to work with your esteemed organization & provide our best services.
We, iasy Solutions are regarded as one of the best freight forwarders in India. With our vast network of services, we would like to bring you complete cargo delivery solutions as per your needs. We are a registered freight forwarding company and also certified with ISO 9001:2015 for all its services in Air, Land and Sea freight movement, having Head office at Bengaluru.
Air freight services: Fastest transportation mode made easy by iasy Solutions who are always ready to handle stringent customs clearance at airports.
Land freight services: This basic mode of transportation is not neglected by iasy Solutions, and the best and customised packages are available.
Sea freight services: A reliable mode of transportation for long distance takes more time to deliver but without any hassles with iasy Solutions by your side.
Warehouse services: Our Warehouse and Distribution Services offer short-term and long-term options as well as customized solutions.
A part from these services, we also provide expert packaging particular to the material transported, all kinds of cargo handling, customs clearance, port handling and consultation on import/export. We would be glad to build a long-time partnership with you and make sure that the best services are provided to you. More details about the iasy Solutions services are given in the attached PDF files.
For further details, please visit our website.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo, Dangerous goods, Heavy cargo

Service we mostly handle:

Sea freight, Air freight, Trucking

Mostly frequent target area:

Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)

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