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PT. Saroha Transport Abadi

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Founded on October 18, 2017 PT. SAROHA TRANSPORT ABADI is one such company
non-hazardous logistics/transportation services and B3 waste, namely services
Transportation of products and waste in an integrated manner by land through the gate
to the door starting with transportation, storage and
processing and destruction in cooperation with
licensed company from the Ministry of Environment
Services provided by PT. SAROHA TRANSPORT ABADI
packaged as a whole in one finished service center concept
not only provide services that can provide
competitive advantage in the concept of "Supply Chain
Supported by partners and human resources
who are trained and tested make PT. SAROHA TRANSPORT
ABADI as a transportation service provider company
complete, reliable and trustworthy.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo

Service we mostly handle:


Mostly frequent target area:


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