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Based in France & Tunisia, SCM International's focus is Africa and provides a door-to-door service in accordance with the requirements of a highly diversified customer base, either by air, sea or road. More than two decades's experience of his two majors executives in Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, Ghana, etc... and particularly in Oil & Gas Business, SCM International acquired local transit technical knowledge that she makes benefits to international suppliers, customers and agents. Our extensive experience in large markets such as Africa goes along with our long-term commitment in each country where we operate. Thus, whatever the destination of his goods in Africa, the customer is assured that all the expertise and skills needed are already available. Strongly invested in specialized markets with high demand for skills and availability, SCM INTERNATIONAL relies on a determined team to solve the daily problems generated by this industry.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo, Dangerous goods, Heavy cargo

Service we mostly handle:

Customs broker, Sea freight, Air freight

Mostly frequent target area:

France, South Africa

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