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Air freight shipping is what drives the cargo business today. Thousands of tons are airlifted each and every day. Numerous shipping companies are offering the air freight services because it is a highly reliable and successful method of shipping. Seacrane Global Logistics Limited being a leader in air freight shipping logistics industry is sure partner that you should consider coming to. Indeed, there is a plethora of benefits that Seacrane Global Logistics will enable you to enjoy. Top on the list in the benefits arena include safety of the cargo being transported, lesser insurance cost compared to other transporting means, lesser packaging cost, which results in lower Air Freight Rates. It is these factors together with many others that directly contribute to the reliable name and brand that Seacrane Global Logistics has. This makes air freight shipping such a favorite to many clients.

One of the things that you will note with Seacrane Global Logistics air freight services is the use of similar terminologies for all of services offered with the other service providers. It is hard to find one firm using AWB (airway bill) while another uses BL (bill of lading). Most of the Air Freight shipping companies and agencies will explicitly indicate that there is no difference between the two for the sake of the client. In respect to all the other freight charges and terminologies used with respect to the cargo, the shipping lines will use the same language because even the authorities and the customers need to understand each other.

When it comes to air freight rates, you, the client will be required to research well and shortlist several shipping lines. They will then have to ask for quotes based on the different parameters regarding their cargo services. Without much strain, you will notice that Seacrane Global Logistics Limited is the best in the pool. You can use the size of the cargo, the destination of the cargo, the time zones it will pass through or even the type of cargo that is involved. The shipping lines will then give you their exact quote after which you will then choose your best choice.
In normal circumstances after you have chosen the best quote, you will go to the shipping line and present the documents regarding the shipment.

You will come to an agreement and then you will agree on the date of shipment. In many cases, it is the customer’s duty to take the cargo to the airport so that it can be loaded into the plane. The payment process and the issuing of the BL can be done. In almost all instances Seacrane Global Logistics air Freight Company can be done within the day or up to four days after delivery depending on the distance to be covered.

Sea freight Container Shipping anything overseas can be a complex endeavor. The logistics of any worldwide shipment must be carefully thought out and implemented beforehand. One of the problems that many people run into when they are planning their international cargo shipping containers is storage space in shipping containers. Often, shipments simply do not require a full 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container. In many cases, you likely do not have enough stuff to make efficient use of these large shipping containers.

But we have a great option for you if this is the case – less than full container load shipments. We can arrange to have your cargo shipping containers loaded into the excess space of a shipping container for another client, ensuring that both of you get a great Container shipping rates your cargo or belongings overseas.
Whether you are shipping your household belongings, commercial products, art, vehicles or just about anything else, our Seacrane Global Logistics team is ready to help you load up your Container Shipping, get it out of your local port and across the ocean to wherever you need to it to go. To find the nearest port of call near you, please contact one of your logistics representatives to get you started.
Our logistics team will ensure that your cargo shipping container is managed from port to port. We also have the ability, in certain regions, to offer door-to-door service as well. Contact one of your logistics representatives for more information and Container shipping rates. If your cargo shipment is comprised of boxes and small items, with no furniture, appliances or large electronics, we can easily place your entire shipment on pallets, to make shipping and packing much easier and more efficient. If your shipment includes large furniture, though, your shipment will be packaged in crates to ease the packing process. If you are only sending a few small boxes, you do not need to worry about crating or palletizing your cargo. [Container shipping rates]
With Seacrane Global Logistics, you will have a team of dedicated, talented and reliable representatives working out the details of international shipping order. Everything from the size of your container, to delivery to and from port, to customs and managing all of the red tape that goes along with such a complex operation, let Seacrane Global Logistics worry about the details. You only need to focus on the things that you need to in order to make your container shipping go smoothly.
FCL (Full Container Load)
Seacrane Global Logistics has established long term relationships with the world’s premium shipping lines. We provide the best solutions for our customers with the most beneficial terms.
LCL (Less than Container Load)
Yes we can offer LCL service from any point worldwide.

Inland Transport Services This service includes large-size trucking between the different cities, and border crossing trucks in the East Africa, It is worth noting that Seacrane Global Logistics trucking management owns a fleet of trucks, and is capable to meet the customer’s need of trucks. The transport division is able to meet customer’s request for multiple or single shipments,

Our goal at Seacrane Global Logistics Services LLC Kenya is to free you to focus on your core business by helping you manage the supply of your products in shorter lead time and at a lower cost. We understand your business requires logistics services 24/7 and can provide domestic trucking services in Kenya, and to neighborhood countries tailored to your specific logistical and budget needs. Not only do we ship anything around the world, we can also handle the domestic shipping and local distribution of your products throughout Kenya.

Customs Clearance ;What’s Customs Clearance?
1. the act of passing goods through customs so that they can enter or leave the country
2. a document given by customs to a shipper to show that customs duty has been paid and the goods can be shipped
While basically correct, that definition is deceivingly simple.
Management Study Guide provides information that gives one a better idea of what customs clearance entails:
Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.
Some of the documents involved in customs clearance are:
1. Exports Documentation: Purchase order from Buyer, Sales Invoice, Packing List, Shipping bill, Bill of Lading or air way bill, Certificate of Origin and any other specific documentation as specified by the buyer, or as required by financial institutions or LC terms or as per importing country regulations.
2. Imports Documentation: Purchase Order from Buyer, Sales Invoice of supplier, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading or Air way bill, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and any other specific documentation required by the buyer, or financial institution or the importing country regulation.
Of course, Management Study Guide doesn’t get into the intricacies of customs clearance. The above is still just skimming the surface.
Every port in every country around the world puts your cargo through a customs clearance process.
What’s more, the rules, regulations, and laws are a bit different from country to country, sometimes from port to port within a country, making someone who specializes in customs clearance very important to a shipper exporting and importing goods.
These specialists are called customs brokers and the work they do is called customs brokerage or sometimes customs broking.
Having the wrong person handle your customs brokerage can be very problematic. Shipping containers are warehoused as they go through customs clearance. Warehousing and storage fees can add up quickly. If there is a problem with your customs brokerage and your customs clearance does not happen smoothly, your shipping costs could go up by hundreds to thousands of dollars.
On top of these costs, the delay in getting your shipping containers released to you because of customs clearance problems could cost your business more money because the arrival of your shipment is delayed.
Your freight forwarder should also be able to handle your customs clearance, but you can choose to handle it separately with your own customs broker.
When choosing a freight forwarder, you want a company with the experience to handle your customs clearance well and who knows what to do should any issues arise.
For these reasons, going with the cheapest freight forwarder you can find to handle your international shipping can turn out to be much more expensive than hiring a freight forwarder with a little higher quote but who has much more experience in the business.
There are other things you can do to help ensure your shipping containers make it through customs smoothly.
Here are 2 ways you can help make the customs clearance process smooth for your shipment.
1. Properly Load Your Shipping Container
One of the biggest things you can do is make sure your shipping container is properly loaded.
Ultimately, as the shipper, you are responsible for the loading of your shipping containers. You can do so as you see fit; however, if shipping containers are not properly loaded, you could cause red flags to go off at customs.
Improper loading may lead to extensive examinations and even searches of your international shipments. You don’t need the delays and costs that are associated with this.
Household and personal effects shippers should pay special attention to this as such shippers tend to have less experience with international shipping and container loading than business importers and exporters.
To help in this area, Universal Cargo Management has a Container Loading Guidelines page on our site.
2. Provide Complete and Accurate Information to Your Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder
There is a great deal of paperwork involved in international shipping. The complication of shipping cargo from one country to another is why freight forwarders exist.
We have the experience and knowledge of smoothly shipping cargo from one country to another so you, the shipper, don’t have to worry about all the details, regulations, and hassles and can focus on your business.
Still, there is a certain amount of paperwork you will need to provide to your freight forwarder.
Being accurate and thorough with your paperwork is important. This includes business information, inventories or itemized lists of shipments, and value of cargo.
This information affects the duties and custom fees at the ports; helps assess the risk of your cargo shipment, and more.
The last thing you want is for customs to find your shipping manifest is inaccurate and think you’re trying to sneak something past them.
What you do want is a low risk assessment of your cargo shipment at customs.
Most of the paperwork of your international shipping will be handled by us, your freight forwarder and with over 25 years of experience, Universal Cargo Management is prepared to handle your customs along with any problems that may arise; but, accuracy on your part will help us keep your international shipping smooth from beginning to end.
Always, we’ll be here to walk you through any questions you have when it comes to international shipping, paperwork, and customs clearance.

We truly appreciate your support. We’re committed to a partnership that delivers exceptional service today and builds a brighter future for tomorrow.

Yours sincerely,

KHIM Jackson| Managing Director
P.O Box 36279-00200 City Square,Nairobi City,KENYA.
Oversea Agents: Africa | North Asia |South Asia| South East Asia | Middle East | Europe | North America | Latin America

National Office Number: +254-041-2245-322|+254-020-802-3585
WhatsApp Number:+254-723-631-077|Skype:Seacrane Global Logistics Ltd
E: [email protected]|[email protected]:|www.seacraneglobal.com

Integrity | Professionalism | Responsiveness | Passion | Innovation | Transparency.

Terms & Conditions:

All contracts are performed with in accordance with the standard trading terms and conditions of Seacrane Global Logistics Limited Services division (copy available on request) limiting our role and liability as an intermediary.
Rates quoted above are for general cargoes & subject to carrier’s acceptance of cargo and subject to space, equipment availability..
Payment term – All charges should be settled in advance Or if you have a credit account, the charges will be debited to your account.
The carrier does not guarantee transit time and Seacrane Global Logistics Limited will not be responsible for any delays and/or penalties associated with late arrival of cargo.
Any General Rate Increase (GRI) implemented by the shipping lines as a part of their rate restoration program, will be intimated to your office as when we receive. Surcharges if quoted separately are subject to change.
Our offer excludes any insurance, which can be arranged on specific request.
Claims if any will be limited to and are governed by the Terms of Bill of Lading and Airway bill. Any other unavoidable miscellaneous receipted charges like customs inspection & its related charges, truck detention, etc will be charged at actual with original receipt.
All contracts are performed with in accordance with the standard conditions of the Kenya Freight Forwarders Association (UFFA) (copy available on request) with our role & liability being limited to that of an intermediary
Cargo is handled, warehoused (where applicable) and transported entirely at owner’s risk. Clients are advised to insure their goods.

(As Agents Only)
This e-mail (including any attachments) may contain confidential, proprietary or privileged information. It may be read, copied and used only by the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient of this message you must not use, disseminate or copy it in any form or take any action in reliance on it. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail. Please then delete the e-mail and any copies of it and do not disclose the contents to any person. We believe but do not warrant, that this e-mail and any attachments are virus free. You should take full responsibility for virus checking. Seacrane Global Logistics Limited and its affiliated companies reserve the right to monitor all email communications through their internal and external networks.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo

Service we mostly handle:

Sea freight, Air freight, Customs broker

Mostly frequent target area:

India, China, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan

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