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Silver Lynx Co LLC

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We Undertake

 Sea Freight
 Air Freight
 LCL Cargo Service – (Consolidations)
 Customs Clearance – (Sea / Air )
 GCC Land Freight Service
 Warehousing
 Projects & Event Management
 Break Bulk
 Packing, Removals & Relocations
 Domestic Transport Service
 Container Trading / Lease
 Container Refurbishing
 SOC Services

Web : www.silverlynxoman.com

In the year 1996, Mr. Muhammad Khushnood Ali planted the seeds of the flourishing brand that is Silver Lynx. His decade’s worth of experience in the shipping industry led Silver Lynx up the ladder of success. Silver Lynx in its long run of 23 years has witnessed the growth of Sultanate of Oman on a center stage. Moreover, it has played a crucial role in the development of the Sultanate of Oman. As the city expanded into the cosmopolitan that it is today, Silver Lynx has grown and matured into a service provider that understands the needs of the industry like no other. In addition to the dynamic nature of the city, Sultanate of Oman's geographical location has made it a middle ground for the east and west to meet. Further providing Silver Lynx to blossom and offer its quality services to patrons from all over the world.
Silver Lynx Company LLC as an international freight forwarding company is fully licensed to handle shipping, freight forwarding, Logistics and warehousing activities. We are capable of handling shipments from any part of the world for both imports and exports.
What sets us apart from the flock of freight brokers in the region is our perfect amalgam of personalized services combined with feasibility and swiftness. Silver Lynx hopes to offer all of our clients’ services with a personal touch so as to build business relations on the highest levels of respect and trust. As an SME, we are small enough to provide quality service but large enough to meet your needs. Silver Lynx has expanded dramatically and consistently since its inception along with a global network of over ninety reciprocating brokerage and freight forwarding agencies. Silver Lynx has taken extensive measures to make progress in making its clientele list a lengthy and strong one. This has been possible only by our commitment and promise to provide quality value added services at any given point of time. By choosing to work with Silver Lynx, clients are entitling themselves to more than just a physical movement of cargo. We hope to provide clients with a service that leaves them satisfied and creates ground for a long lasting mutually beneficial relation.


Ocean Freight
The expertise of our diligent work force, allows for the swift and smooth movement of sea cargo. We are capable of assisting clients with their various shipping & Logistics requirements of FCL and LCL Cargoes.

Full Container Services (FCL): Our extensive global network of agents and knowledge of the Oman & Global shipping industry gives us an edge over our competitors in the region. We offer services of both sea imports and exports from around the world. Further, our excellent relations with major shipping lines has resulted in their continuous support and assistance, making it possible for us to provide our clienteles with quality oriented services at Competitive freight rates.
Less than Container Load (LCL): We got Weekly Own Console from Europe, USA, Far East, China & India to Oman via Jabel Ali. The scope of our LCL services includes LCL (Import and Export) for all types of cargoes where we take up the responsibility of collection of cargo from shippers, movement to the Container Stuffing Terminal, preparation of export documentation, planning the container stowage, stuffing as per standards required by the customer, shipping on board, tracking movement of cargo, following up on the preparation of import / export documentation and ensuring door delivery of cargo safely. For the purpose of LCL imports, cargo movement will be arranged with our freight counterparts at loading port, either as a multiport LCL consolidated container or as an LCL consignment loaded with a main line operator.
The Freight Forwarding network of Silver Lynx Group has substantial buying power with major carriers which enable us to get preferential treatment resulting in excellent service to the ultimate customer with competitive freight rates.
Air Freight.
Silver Lynx Group, with its wide network of professional freight forwarders at all major airports in the world, offers comprehensive Air Cargo Service to both importers and exporters in the forms of direct shipment or air Silver Lynx Group, with its wide network of professional freight forwarders at all major airports in the world, offers comprehensive Air Cargo Service to both
Importers and exporters in the forms of direct shipment or air.
Our well established roots and relationships with major airline operators have secured us preferential spaces on all sectors at competitive freight rates.
Silver Lynx handles air exports and imports at all major International Airports in the Sultanate.

Our Scope of Services includes:
Airport - Airport
Airport - Door
Door – Airport
Door - Door
Moreover, our sales consultants understand the needs of the clients and suggest most effective routing options to achieve the client’s business objectives. Additionally, we offers bonded warehousing for air cargo in our facility in Oman.

Land Freight
Silver Lynx Group operates an integrated road transport network for any door-to-door deliveries. With our extensive fleet Silver Lynx caters to the distribution and supply chain needs of local, regional and international manufacturers, distributors and retailers from a diverse range of industries. Silver Lynx adhere strict HSSE policy and we are approved PDO & BP Kazan Transporter.
Silver Lynx Group is Fully Equipped with over 100 Own Trailers, Trucks & we undertake movement of cargo from any city in the Oman to all neighboring countries accessible by land. Expertise to handle any size of heavy load, ODC, Temperature controlled cargo or time sensitive cargo in Oman and across GCC Countries.
Silver Lynx transportation team is rich in experience and professional in approach. We enjoy trust of our customers to facilitate their normal trailer movements, urgent small parcel deliveries to huge oil & Gas fabrications to many PDO locations. The system at place and working methodology ensures smooth transaction for all shipments.

Custom Clearance

Holding a valid custom clearance certificates enables Silver Lynx to clear cargo from all major sea and air ports in the country. Our operations staff is trained extensively to ensure that the clearance and the delivery of goods are done in a swift manner.

Our staff is capable of clearing and delivering goods within 6 hours of arrival, on both DDU / DDP terms.
Silver Lynx has come into a versatile tie up with Oman Ports and Customs to avail a personal web portal that facilitates staff to pass necessary documentation without the need to be physically present at the port, further speeding the delivery process.
Logistics and Distribution 3-PL
Silver Lynx specializes in Supply Chain Management with value added services to provide international manufacturers and distribution establishments a storage and distribution hub with Sohar port as the center of operations. Silver Lynx understanding the importance of good logistic management, provides customers with solutions that reduce logistic costs, thus creating a firm link between the manufacturer and the ultimate users.

Silver Lynx professional commitment ensures that customers will be provided with a brand of service that far exceeds their expectations. This is achieved through the careful deployment of assets, competent manpower and infrastructural resources, whilst developing appropriate systems technology in partnership with the customer.

Container Trading / Lease

Company is involved in sea container trading business and interested in buying, selling, Lease.
Sell / lease of all kind of shipping containers.
 GP CONTAINERS 20', 40' OR 40HC.
 REEFER UNITS 20, 40 OR 40HC.
Further Company can assist in hiring containers on long-term lease for multinational companies,
or shipping line. Anywhere in the world if you want to buy or sell the containers we can offer you
Guaranteed better price with quality.
SOC Services
Many Shippers and Carriers relay on availability to decide their needs. Silver Lynx Group has built an impressive organization geared towards serving in the international transportation. Meeting present needs is only ever an interim solution. Silver Lynx Group takes the longer view and is always looking for better, more efficient way to help customer stay ahead of competition. In our customer service our aspiring, trained and efficient staff is ready to provide quick rate quotes, competitive pricing, fast bill of loading tum around. Innovative solutions and design excellence have taken Silver Lynx Group to the fore front container Technology.
Silver Lynx Group offers a fleet of dry 20' - 40' SOC containers which are (non-perishable cargoes) the
Most cost effective means of moving goods from the point of manufacturers to the point of distribution.
Now we are moving our SOC containers between All Gulf very successfully.
We can deliver your SOC containers (owned by the company) at any destination in the world. Where we can have inbound and outbound cargo.

Break-bulk chartering

Our chartering department always offers prompt and complete service. All inquiries are welcome and handle utmost attention.
Silver Lynx Group chartering will find you tonnage and space for any kind of cargo bulk, general reefer, project cargoes or heavy lift cargoes.
GL chartering books cargo for company vessel and third
Parties and also act as Intermediary between shipper and ship owner's, keep us regular inform you and your Principal's vessel position and cargoes availability for worldwide transportation with attractive freight and best workable terms to meet your all chartering requirements very satisfactorily.

Container Refurbishing
 We are offering a wide assortment of Fabricated Containers.
 We supply converted shipping containers to a wide range of
 Clients in many different industries. These Containers are highly Reliable nature and have sufficient space to use for all purposes.
 These metal containers are available in various shape and sizes
 to meet the diverse requirements of clients.
 We are maintaining delivery on time,
 perfect finishing & flexible range of prices.
 Also selling used & new container for Office Purposes
 export/Import

Contact us

P.O. BOX: 844, P.C.: 116,

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo, Dangerous goods, Refrigerated

Service we mostly handle:

Customs broker, Sea freight, Air freight

Mostly frequent target area:


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