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Since 1970s, Sin Chew has been protecting and moving businesses. We believe our business is about time and care. And we put reliability over conveniences.

Reliability isn’t given. It is earned. Building strong wooden cases. Pack with care. Move & Lift safe. And accomplish on time. Consistently. Almost every logistics company claim they are one-stop solutions. But the truth is, most of them only handle a part of the logistics, where crating, packing, moving, lifting, is outsourced.

When things are outsourced, they have no control, they are relying on someone else to do the job. It’s a waiting game.

Don’t you want reliability, don’t you want control? Because, that’s what we want.

Sin Chew wants to crate, pack, lift and move for you. Every step is handled by Sin Chew.
- That gives you a peace of mind.
- That gives you control.
- That’s why we are the true One-Stop Packaging Solution in Singapore.

Our One-Stop Solutions:
- Project Logistics
- Machinery Moving
- Customized Packaging
- Design & Build Production
- Warehouse Management
- Transport Services
- Material Treatment

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