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FiMASA has been synonymous for the excellence in advising of international transport for four decades.
The philosophy that we practice in our company is providing to our clients a personalized advising and timely information, in order to assure an excellent service. Our experience has brought us that those 2 factors are the key of Customers satisfaction.
We have high qualified personnel inside our organization, in order to give a smooth Air, Sea and Inland freight follow up and to keep you updated of the customs dispositions and regulations in Mexico, both, import and export.
As Cargo Project Specialists we design traffic routes and fill out the legal paper work of the governmental entities.
Trough our Associated Custom Brokers in all borders, Mexican Ports and Airports, and together with high qualified personnel inside Fimasa, we execute under the most High Quality Standards, the customs clearance of your import and export Cargo in a safe and efficient way, in accordance of each of our clients needs, in order to reach their entire satisfaction.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo

Service we mostly handle:

Sea freight, Air freight

Mostly frequent target area:


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