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MKS Smart Logistics starts due to the constant need of exporting and importing companies of having a quick, dynamic, integral but overall smart service, such service provided smartly will become a logistics solution instead of being a problem.

All the above is achieved due to the human capital that makes MKS exists, such as staff, the best national and international partners with great experience in international logistics, who have the firm conviction that the most important matter is not only the service we provide, but the way that our services are provided.

The most valuable asset that MKS has, are its customers, but also and not least important, its staff, since all together make the perfect team that makes everything possible.
Our Team’s Profile:
MKS is formed by a multi-disciplinary team, professional in logistics, which is self-motivated and passionate about the activities they performed on a daily basis. We believe that only the people that work with passion and that are self-motivated are capable of achieving an exceptional productivity and performance.

Our Customer’s Profile:
It is important to understand our customers, since every single one is unique with very specific needs. Therefore, we do not have a generic service of merchandise shipping around the world; every single customer receives a tailored made service capable of resolving his unique needs.

Cargo we mostly handle:

General cargo, Dangerous goods, Refrigerated

Service we mostly handle:

Sea freight, Air freight, Insurance handling

Mostly frequent target area:

Italy, Spain, Taiwan, United States (US)

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