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PT. Delta Abadi Cargo

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DAC is a company engaged in export and import services. Our priority is to meet our Customer’s satisfaction and convenience, and we do this by providing the best, professional services, serve wholeheartedly by all our staffs. DAC is an expert in overseeing all kinds of packages. We treat each of them like it is our own child, that we could never afford lose our sight from. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the DAC staff is ready to assist customers in obtaining the latest status of the delivered package. With the experience we have, DAC is able to provide customs services, both shipment by the sea and air, as well as providing the pick-up services to the port of destination.

Cargo we mostly handle:

Heavy cargo, General cargo

Service we mostly handle:

Customs broker, Sea freight, Insurance handling

Mostly frequent target area:


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