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PT. Inti Logistik Makmur

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PT Inti Logistik Makmur is a freight / logistics freight company. Specialist in serving domestic and international cargo, both import and export. PT Inti Logistik Makmur can be the best choice for companies that need domestic and international shipping services and logistics storage services. PT Inti Logistik Makmur always ensures that all our clients are given the same level of professionalism and service standards at the most competitive prices.

PT Inti Logistik Makmur is a company that holds fast with commitment, high dedication and has the ability to provide the best service to customers. As a logistics company PT Inti Logistik Makmur always strives to improve services, safety, competition & technological development in the Logistics world.

Customer satisfaction is a measure of our success as a form of our commitment to customers, this we can achieve through understanding the needs, desires and perspectives of each customer, in order to provide quality and timely services. This point can be realized by implementing personnel approach in helping customers to find out the needs and provide the best logistics solutions for customers.

PT Inti Logistik Makmur has built and maintained excellent relationships with vendors from various shipping companies, airlines, trains, customs, quarantine and surveyors and is supported by experienced staff. PT Inti Logistik Makmur offers a safe, timely, efficient delivery process and a neat & updated delivery report.

PT Inti Logistik Makmur's Main Products and Services
Import through air shipping. Door to Door / Port to Door (wholesale volume and undername service)
Import through air shipping. Door to Door / Port to Door (import wholesale rush handling service / express handling CKG airport)
Import through sea shipping. Door to Door / Port to Door (import wholesale full container and LCL Cargo)
Export via air and sea shipping (Door to Door / Port to Port)
Shipping from / to Indonesia (air & sea). Port to Door / Door to Door
Domestic shipments throughout Indonesia

Cargo we mostly handle:


Service we mostly handle:

Air freight

Mostly frequent target area:


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