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International Cargo Seaport: Port of Heijin Yokohama

Posted in International Seaport - 2 May 2022, 12:31 PM

Port of Heijin Yokohama is one of the largest ports in Asia. The port and logistics facilities are located at Honmoku Pier, Daikoku Pier, and Minami Honmoku Pier. Founded about 150 years, Yokohama’s Heijin Port is a port that handles a wide variety of cargo, such as containers, finished cars, rock oil, and cereals.

About Port of Heijin Yokohama

As the main cruise terminal in Japan, the it is located in the northwest, adjacent to Tokyo Bay, in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. The port is situated geographically at 35.27–00°N and 139.38–46°E and is owned by the Yokohama Port Corporation. Currently, this port has ten docks.

To the south of this port is the Port of Yokosuka. Meanwhile, to the north are the Port of Kawasaki and Tokyo. The location of the Port of Heijin Yokohama is quite strategic. The road network connects Yokohama to all locations in the metropolitan area.

There are the Yokohane and Bay Shore Routes from the Metropolitan Expressway for access to Tokyo. Meanwhile, for access to Shizuoka, there is the Tomei Expressway. In addition, currently, the Port of Heijin Yokohama road network access to remote areas is still undergoing repairs and improvements.

The History

At first, Yokohama was just a remote village where fishermen lived. Then, in 1852, the Commodore of the United States Navy, Matthew Perry, arrived in the south of Yokohama (Kanagawa) with a fleet of United States Navy warships. Five years later, under the Treaty of Peace and Amity in 1858, the region was designated an open port of Japan.

However, Kanagawa was an influential post on Tōkaidō, Japan’s main east-west road at that moment, and for sure, the Japanese government didn’t want foreigners to be able to access it. Therefore, they decided to establish a port in Yokohama. This location is isolated from the highway and has better sea depth than Kanagawa. Port of Heijin Yokohama officially opened on June 2, 1859.

Volume of Transaction in Port of Heijin Yokohama

In 2013, the Port of Heijin Yokohama served 32,295 ships with total cargo transportation of 298,974,457 tons and 2,993,786 TEU containers, with a cargo value of around 11,838,095 million yen.

Meanwhile, the latest data shows that currently, the container capacity of the Port reaches 3,300,000 TEU. Then, the ability for large vessels reaches more than 300,000 DWT. Every year the Port of Heijin Yokohama handles 130 million tons of cargo and more than 37,300 ships.

Interesting Facts

In the 19th century, Yokohama was the first city in Japan to have an international reputation. Today, the Port of Heijin Yokohama has a world-class reputation for efficient cargo handling and guaranteed quality of service. This port is renowned for its handling speed and accuracy, supported by skilled operators and the latest technology.

In addition, the beauty of the Port of Heijin Yokohama makes it a favorite tourist destination for travelers. The development of this city moves from the sea and is oriented towards the sea. It makes the architecture of the coastal areas more beautiful than the cities.

Yokohama was devastated by an earthquake and a hail of bombs during World War II. Therefore, most of the modern buildings in this port are new buildings built under the Minato Mirai 21 mega project.

In 1983, the municipal government decided to rebuild the port area. In this development, they shifted the container terminal, hoisted hotels and offices, and renovated public facilities.

As a result, currently, Yokohama has a giant port that serves cargo and cruise ships and has also become an attractive seaside area in Japan.

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