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International Cargo Seaport: Port of Kaohsiung

Posted in International Seaport - 1 Nov 2021, 9:47 AM

The Port of Kaohsiung holds an important role in Taiwan’s economy. It is the largest and busiest port in Taiwan, with a history that can be traced back to the 16th Century. Starting as a natural lagoon surrounded by rural areas, the port is now a modern fixture of Taiwan and serving container ships with a total bulk cargo weight of 200,000 tons.

About Port of Kaohsiung

The Port of Kaohsiung is situated next to Kaohsiung City, a bustling and modern municipality in southern Taiwan. As a former lagoon, the port is located next to Taiwan Strait, surrounded by various economically-important districts such as Lingya, Gushan, Cianjhen, Siaogang, Yancheng, and Cijin.

The History

The history of Kaohsiung started in the 16th Century as a handful of fishing villages. However, Dutch colonists from VOC trading company recognized its true potential as a port, who developed the lagoon in the 1620s. It was known as Takau Port back then due to the native name of the region.

Takau Port was opened for British traders after the loss of the Qing Empire in the 1858 Opium War, which resulted in the Treaties of Tianjin. In the treaties, the empire must open five ports for British traders, including the Takau Port. It was further developed in 1908 during the Japanese occupation era, although the port was bombed heavily during the Second World War.

Takau Port finally saw further development in 1975, which included the extension of the port and the addition of public facilities like parks and museums. The expansion finished in 2017, with the addition of various business and passenger ship facilities.

Volume of Transaction in Port of Kaohsiung

The Port of Kaohsiung is the 15th busiest port in the world. In 2020, its cargo traffic showed 9.62 million TEUs of volume. Currently, the port boasts the annual capacity of 12.8 million TEUs of yearly volume, with 95.6 metric tons of bulk cargo. The port is one of the important facilities in the Maritime Silk Trade, situated close to industrial areas and an international airport.

Its sheer facilities support all the activities, including 137 berths on its piers and two-port entrances.

Interesting Facts

The development of Kaohsiung does not just touch the business and economy aspects. Local tourism puts cruise trips around the harbor as one of the recommended activities. The cruise involves sailing on the waters surrounding the harbor, focusing on the modern splendor of the port and its bustling activities.

Because of its importance and strategic location, the Port of Kaohsiung became an important starting point to explore its surrounding areas. Travelers can see highlights such as Kaohsiung Lighthouse, the art center at Pier 2, Xizi Bay, Glory Pier, Banana Pier, and Love River. Not far from the port are notable spots such as Kaohsiung Museum of History, Kaohsiung Music Hall, Rose Basilica, and Kaohsiung Film Archives.

Serving as an important facility in a bustling municipality, the Port of Kaohsiung is one of the keys to Taiwan’s rising economy. The port also reminds us that modernity in business and trading facilities can go hand in hand with local tourism, historical charms, art, and culinary attractions, and other industries.

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