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International Cargo Seaport: Port of Piraeus

Posted in International Seaport - 27 Jun 2022, 5:09 PM

Piraeus is a port city in Athens urban area, the Attica region, Greece. The city is a commercial hub of Greek shipping. Therefore, it is no surprise that the port plays a significant role in Greece’s economy.

In 2014, the Port of Piraeus was the busiest passenger port in Europe. The port is also the largest one in Greece and is considered one of the largest ports in Europe.

About Port of Piraeus

It is located on the Saronic Gulf, the western coasts of the Aegean Sea, southeast of Greece. The port location is not very far from the capital city of Greece, Athens—only 12 kilometers from Piraeus.

Due to its strategic location and the relatively close distance to Athens, Piraeus Port has become an ideal entry point for cruise ships to Greece.

The History

The Port of Piraeus has always been a port for Athens since ancient times. In 493, Piraeus was fortified by Themistocles, and the Athenian fleet left the old harbor in Phaleron and moved to Piraeus instead. By 471 BC, the port became a great military and commercial harbor.

In the late 4th century, the port experienced a decline and was only used occasionally by the Byzantine fleet. The city was also deserted during the Ottoman occupation.

In 2002, buildings and facilities were built in Piraeus Port as the Greek government leased the port zone lands to PPA. The geographic advantages and the services provided helped the port to progress rapidly.

Today, the port is still a major center for international shipping in Greece. It has become one of the largest ports in Europe and the world. It is also the third busiest port in Greece regarding the number of goods transported.

Volume of Transaction in Port of Piraeus

In 2007, the port handled more than 20 million tonnes of cargo and 1 million TEU, making it the busiest cargo port in Greece and the largest container port in the East Mediterranean Sea Basin. The port then experienced rapid growth. In 2016, it was the 39th largest port in terms of container capacity. In 2014, the port gained 18,6 million passengers, making it the busiest port in Europe. By 2018, it had already handled 4,9 million TEUs and kept increasing to 5,65 million TEUs in 2019.

Interesting Facts

In addition to being the biggest port in Greece and one of the leading ports in the Mediterranean, the Port of Piraeus is also an important hub for industry, merchant marine, and transportation.

It is the main exit point from the city by the sea, especially to the destination around the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Islands. Several Europe cruise companies also use the port to bring visitors to Greece.

Through the Port of Piraeus, visitors can visit Piraeus before continuing to Athens. The city quickly became popular as it offers a beautiful combination of ancient religious and historic attractions. It also offers top-class facilities for tourists that represent the modern city.

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