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Type of Transport Document: Health Certificate

Posted in Transport Document - 5 Apr 2021, 11:10 AM

It turns out that a Health Certificate isn’t only for when people are traveling. Such a document can actually be requested during the export and import of goods, too. However, what does it entail? Read more about it down below.

What is an Export Health Certificate?

Issued by the country of origin of the export goods, an Export Health Certificate (EHC) is an official document clarifying that particular goods have met the destination country’s regulations, health standards, and other requirements. Only after approval is given can the products be exported.

The issuance requires authorization from an Official Veterinarian (OV) that’s already been appointed by the Animal Plant and Health Agency (APHA). Therefore, for every type of animal or animal product exported, an individual designated EHC should be included. It also goes like that when your cargo consists of a mix of products.

Note that there may also be a separate EHC for each country that the goods pass on transit.

What products do Health Certificate cover?

With more than 1,500 Export Health Certificates out there, these are some of the commodity groups commonly covered:

  • Meat and meat products
  • Dairy (ice cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.)
  • Lanolin, feathers, wool, skins, hides, etc.
  • Additives and pre-mixtures (animal casings, gelatin, crushed bones, and collagen)
  • Honey
  • Poultry, egg, and egg products
  • Fish and fishery products
  • Laboratory
  • Pet food and animal feeds
  • Miscellaneous

What is inside an Export Health Certificate?

With the commodities above covered by an Export Health Certificate, then this document, in general, or when applicable, will be split into several primary sections:

1.      Identity of Health Certificate

The Identity section covers general details like the consignor’s name, weight, dimension, and quantity of the shipped goods.

2.      Shipping Information

The Shipping Information section will tell about the flight or boat, seal number, and container.

3.      Health Marks

The Health Marks section gives information about the EU ‘oval mark,’ which clarifies that the products align with EU food standards.

4.      Country of Origin

The Country of Origin details about where the product originated and was processed. And it can happen in several countries.

5.      Storage Conditions

The Storage Conditions section informs about how the products are stored. For instance, it can be whether the goods have to be segregated from other types or kept to a specific temperature.

6.      Health Statements

The Health Statements section will vary depending on the country. However, the bottom line is that the products usually have details like possibly carried disease, contamination status, heat treatment, etc. Since these parts demand thorough inspection, the cargo owner may have to present specific written confirmation or records, which can be obtained from the OV or manufacturer.


That’s all you need to know about an Export Health Certificate! Hopefully, the information covers the general bits, but feel free to visit our website for more details. Otherwise, we always highly advise you to consult the professionals first regarding such legal matters. They might have some pretty helpful insights on how you can effectively manage your goods’ export and import.

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