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Type of Transport Document: Inspection Certificate

Posted in Transport Document - 1 Mar 2021, 10:42 AM

There are many important documents needed in freight transport. One of them is an Inspection Certificate, which can be required when delivering valuable goods (or when your customer gets a bit conscientious). What is this document, and what information does it entail? Read on below.

What is an Inspection Certificate?

As self-explanatory as it sounds, an Inspection Certificate is an official document indicating that certain shipped goods have been thoroughly inspected. The inspection process itself is done according to the terms stated on the sales contract. Some particular goods like meat, perishable items, and industrial equipment are among those that should pass inspection.

This document can also prove that what your customer ordered has arrived well and safely. Therefore, it’s always important to never reject a customer request on this document. However, the supplier should check first whether there are some costs billed to them or not. If not, usually the fee is paid by the importer or country of import—according to Export.gov.

For those shipping agricultural goods like vegetables, grains, seeds, fruits, and nuts, you’re going to need a Phytosanitary Inspection Certificate (PPQ Form 577). Usually, this document is issued along with the Certificate of Quality and Condition and the Export Certificate for Processed Plant Products. These are some of the more specific types of Inspection Certificate.

What is inside an Inspection Certificate?

In general, and when applicable, an Inspection Certificate may detail:

  • Applicant: (the name of the buyer company, which has risen the Letter of Credit (LC))
  • Consigned to the Order of… (the name of the LC buyer bank’s or opened bank)
  • Beneficiary: (the seller’s name)
  • The number and date of Letter of Credit
  • The number of Custom Tariff Code
  • The number and date of Proforma Invoice
  • The number and date of Purchase Order (PO)
  • The number of Insurance Policy
  • Country of Origin
  • The place, date, and scope of Inspection
  • Port of Discharge
  • Packing Type and Numbers
  • Goods Descriptions
  • The number and date of Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • The name and signature of the Authorized Officer
  • The date and place of the Document Issuance

Third-party inspection companies usually have wordings like below (more or less) to conclude the document, which is done to protect and indemnify them:

“This inspection has been performed at the time and place of inspection and within the limitation of instructions received but without prejudice and without releasing suppliers and/or shippers and/or other parties involved from their contractual obligations nor does it prejudice buyer’s right of claim towards sellers/suppliers for compensation of any apparent and/or hidden defects not detected during our random inspection or occurring thereafter. It is also subject to “General Terms & Conditions of Inspection services.”


What do you think about what you just read? As a business owner who needs to ship goods somewhere else, you probably need to consider an Inspection Certificate as well. However, we never stop advising you to consult with experts or the legal department first. These people probably have an exciting insight into how you can manage your shipping better.

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