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Type of Transport Document: Packing List

Posted in Transport Document - 7 Sep 2020, 2:32 PM

Packing List is one of the most important parts of the export or logistic business, requiring detailed inventory and specific methods. Issuing a this document sounds like a complicated, tedious job, but it is necessary for business owners. The list provides various practical benefits, such as in terms of payment and formality.

What Included in Packing List?

Packing list is a form that details the package content, allowing customers, customs officers, and freight service to know the inside without opening it. If you pack specific goods, such as flammable, chemical, or toxic products, the list must have standard notices for proper package handling.

The list of export goods is more complicated than the one for domestic shipping. In addition, there are some checklist that must include:

1.      Contact Details

Like any other trade forms, a document must have complete details of the seller and buyer. They include names, company names, addresses, contacts, and signatures.

2.      Item List in Packing List

Each item in the package must appear in the form. Information includes the type, brand, and physical characteristics. If they are stored in specific containers, make sure to include the details of the containers.

3.      Codes and Numbers

A proper list must include all codes and numbers that mark the important characteristics of the products. They may include series numbers, expiration dates, official codes, and such. If the goods are stored in specific containers, you need to include the same information in the containers.

4.      Measurements in Packing List

Include all types of measurements from each packing container. They include weights, heights, widths, depths, volumes, and other important factors.

If there are other specific details, such as handling instructions for dangerous goods, business owners must include them in the form.

Reasons to Issue Packing List

Packing list is not a required document in various countries’ customs. However, issuing one can give various benefits and make business easier. Here are reasons to issue a proper packing list, especially if you have an export business:

1.      Important Document for Payment

Certain methods of payment require specific documents for buyers to reimburse them from the bank. For example, if you are paid with a letter of credit, you may need to show a packing list document to the bank.

2.      Requirement for Bills of Lading

If you use international carrier service, they may need to see your detailed document. Aside from the service matter, this document is also necessary for the carrier to issue bills of lading.

3.      Easier Inspection by Customs

Presenting a packing list document makes it easier for the customs to inspect the goods. The officers do not need to check the entire cargo, thus making the process more efficient.

4.      Supporting Document for Insurance Claim

Not everything runs smoothly in business, and your goods may be damaged or lost during the shipment. A complete packing list serves as one of the important documents to use for an insurance claim.

Finally, having a packing list document can help with faster reimbursement. Buyers will need to tally up the goods they receive and their lists and the document should serves as an informative document for speeding up the process.

While not a mandatory document, a it provides important benefits for buyers and sellers. Make sure you have the document’s template in the software to create smoother business experiences.

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