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Intertransport Canary Operators (Intercop sl)

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INTERCOP , is founded by Mr. Manuel J. de Leon Morales in Las Palmas de G.C., Canary Islands, Spain, in 1992. Its services orient towards Shipping Agency, International Freight Forwarder, Stevedores Operators, Ship’s Chandlers, Marine Bunkers & Lubricants Traders in the Canaries, Spain, Gibraltar, Malta & West Africa.

INTERCOP´S, headquarter inside the Port Zone of Las Palmas, geographically situated – 28º 09’ 00” N & 15º25’ 00” W - on the West Coast of Africa, is not only the traditional and effective AFRICAN HUB but also counts with full supportive structures to render the following services:

• Supply of Bunkering. Four International Companies supplying all types of Fuels and Gas oils for vessels.
• RepairWorks. Counting with two Dry Docks and a wide network of expertised repair workshops – Mechanics, Hidraulic, Electric, etc.,
• Marine Lubricants. INTERCOP is the official dealers of EXXON-MOBIL, CEPSA, REPSOL & SHELL.
• Port Storage Facilities. INTERCOP counts with its Own Warehouse & latest machineries.
• General Supplies. Equipments, Spare Parts, Etc,.

Las Palmas Port is the last European port before the African Continent and provides full guarantee under the application of the European Regulations for the interest of Ship owners, Crews and Vessels, for multiple World Wide destinations & origins, whether by land, sea or air service

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