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We are an online logistics marketplace & directory that help you to find out the right freight forwarding company.

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How it works

1. Choose mode of transport

Consists of air, ocean, and inland transportation to move your cargo for domestic or international shipment.

2. Determine location and date

Movement of your cargo from origin location to destination point within the specific time.

3. Describe cargo details

Specification of your goods that describe the weight, volume, quantity and type of packaging used.

4. Request quotes

Submit your information and choose the right freight forwarder based on quotes you received.

Choose only the most reliable freight forwarding companies across Indonesia.

By using this website, you will receive the quotations from our registered and verified freight forwarders across Indonesia.
Compare the quotations based on price, payment method, transit time, reviews, and their standard trading condition.

Why Use Tera Logistics

Tera Logistics help the shipper to simplify the shipment across Indonesia. By using this website, the shipper will receive various quotes and find the most reliable freight forwarding companies without any commission fee.

1. Simple

Only a few minutes to fill all the information required to obtain the various quotes from our registered freight forwarders.

2. Reliable

Choose the verified freight forwarder and compare the company based on information and reviews from the shippers.

3. Free

We don't charge any commission fee from the transaction between shipper and freight forwarder companies.

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