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International Cargo Seaport: Port of Dongguan

Posted in International Seaport - 7 Mar 2022, 12:02 PM

Dongguan is a bustling industrial city in Guangdong Province, and the Port of Dongguan is one of the vital facilities that support the activities. The port, which occupies the Pearl River Delta, has an essential role in manufacturing, one of Dongguan’s significant economic contributions.

About Port of Dongguan

The Port of Dongguan is a medium-sized port in Dongguan, built to support the city’s manufacturing business. It has 23 berths in total, with the ability to handle containers ranging from 3,000 to 50,000 tons. The primary goods that go through this port include machinery, manufacturing parts, raw materials, garments, industrial chemicals, and many more.

The History

It was initially known as Humen’s more minor port. It was inaugurated in 1997 after the merger of two smaller ports. The merger happened to support the growing manufacturing industry. Soon after, Dongguan had developed from an agricultural town into a manufacturing city shortly later.

On March 12th, 2016, China’s Ministry of Communication changed the name of Humen Port to Dongguan, which was done to emphasize the importance of this facility for the developing Dongguan City. Aside from the standard container port facilities, the Port of Dongguan has bonded warehouses, storage yards for dangerous goods, a fumigation office, and warehouses for imported goods.

Volume of Transaction in Port of Dongguan

The Port of Dongguan is known as the 48th busiest container port globally based on its cargo traffic. According to the 2019 data by the World Shipping Council, this port processed around 4 million TEUs of containers every year, and the number is likely to grow following the rising of China’s economy.

The port now has a 27,000 TEUs yard capacity and 34 deep-water berths; 12 of them are used for container vessels. The total coastline is more than 4,000 meters, but future developments will increase the size and capacity of this port.

Interesting Facts

As an important facility for a growing city, it is now included in a 15-year development plan. This port is projected to become an interconnected facility as a sea trading place and center of employment, and a tourism hub. One of its terminals is used for cruise and tour ships to dock.

Thanks to its location, the Port of Dongguan has a role in giving Dongguan the status as an industrial city. Many workers find employment at the port or other places served by the port’s activities. That is also where many immigrants, who make up many Dongguan populations, find work.

The port is close to landmarks such as Humen Pearl River Bridge, a grand suspension bridge that connects Humen Town and Nansha District. It is also close to several major railways, including Humen Railway Station that operates high-speed trains. Dongguan has several top universities where graduates find works at the port, such as Dongguan University of Technology and Guangdong University of Science and Technology.

Dongguan is a bustling city that keeps growing, supporting China’s rising economy. The Port of Dongguan is one of the most critical facilities supporting the town and allowing many businesses and companies to operate there.

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