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International Cargo Seaport: Port of Santos

Posted in International Seaport - 21 Feb 2022, 9:37 AM

Known as the second largest port in South America, the Port of Santos is one of Brazil’s most important foreign trade facilities. The long history, strategic location, and major renovation in the early 21st Century give this port a crucial role in Brazil’s economy.

About Port of Santos

The Port is known as Porto de Santos in Brazil. Situated in Santos, São Paulo, the port connects more than 600 international ports in 125 countries. The port was built in Santos to make easier crossing across a mountain range called the Serra do Mar, allowing ships to dock and access essential areas in the city.

The Port of Santos covers an area of 7.8 square million, with 55 dockside and maritime terminals. It boasts 49 public berths, ten private berths, 55 km of pipelines, and 100 km of railway lines. The port also has important roles in Brazil’s exports, delivering goods like coffee, soybeans, machinery, car components, iron ore, wood pulp, and orange juices.

The History

The Port started in 1892 as a small river port on the banks of the Santos River. When the population grew in the early 20th Century, many began taking jobs in and around the port, making it busier. Port of Santos experienced a decline shortly after World War Two because of excessive tariffs, lack of investments, and lack of unity between workers.

The port rose into prominence again in the early 1990s when the Brazilian government took more control in management and regulation, allowing workers to unite and work in higher efficiency. The rising economy and populations were among the main reasons for the development of the port, allowing it to support growing exports and other business activities.

Volume of Transactions in Port of Santos

It is currently known as the 46th busiest port globally based on the number of TEUs. According to the 2019 record of the World Shipping Council, this Brazilian port boasted around 4.2 million TEUs of container transactions in a year.

In 2021, Tecon Santos, the largest terminal in the port, announced a 40 percent growth of its market shares, signifying an increase in the port’s activities. Currently,it serves a lot of trading ships from countries with growing economies, such as China.

Interesting Facts

The Port of Santos is not just a trading facility, but also an important part of Santos’ economy. It now offers special visit programs, in which people can have guided tours around the port and get knowledge about its history and facility. Visitors must register to get a guided tour, but the trip is free of charge.

The popularity of this port also makes it a frequent photography venue. Available for corporate and private sessions, the port is famous as a photography location for brochures, guidebooks, professional photography projects, and many more. There is no charge in using the port as a venue, but everyone interested in taking pictures must make inquiries.

Finally, it offers a boat tour on its docking canal. Just like the other services, visitors must inquire and register to enjoy it. The guide from the port will describe its history and highlights during the boat tour, making it more memorable.

The Port of Santos has a vital role for Brazil. With its bustling activities and strong worker’s culture, the port supports its economy and employs thousands of people.

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