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Type of Transport Document: Certificate Of Origin

Posted in Transport Document - 5 Oct 2020, 3:44 PM

When it comes to international trade, buyers and customs officers need to know where certain goods come from. A certificate of origin is a form that states the “nationality” of products, which refer to the original production or manufacturing places. While it is not a required document, more countries now demand companies or business owners to issue it.

How to Earn Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin must be issued by a formal or semi-formal trade-related organization, to add the legitimacy of the information. The Chamber of Commerce consulate in each country is one of the trade organizations with authority to issue such a document. Depending on the organization type, you may need to download and fill out a form, before sending it back to get their signatures and stamps.

If you want to save time, you can apply for e-certificate. The process is similar to obtaining a regular form from regular folks. However, instead of receiving, filling, and sending a physical copy, you only need an online form. This way, the process to get a certificate of origin is shorter and more convenient.

Content of Certificate of Origin

Here are the basic points to fill your certificate of origin:

1.      Identities and Contact Details

Putting the identities of buyers and sellers on a form is nothing new. In this document, you need to put the names, addresses, and contact details of both the buyers and sellers.

2.      Details of Products

Make sure you put the correct details of the products on the form. They may include quantities of each item, the names, package types, origin country, cubic and weight measures.

3.      Shipping Information

The shipping information serves as more detailed information of the goods. This part consists of information like the carrier services used, shipping marks, package numbers, and many more.

This certification also has a clear statement that the goods are, indeed, coming from or produced in a specific origin country. 

Benefits of Certificate of Origin

Here are the benefits of having this certificate after applying for it:

1.      Easier Inspection

If you send enormous numbers of goods and not expecting inspection, think again! Formal forms like this certificate allow customs staff to check the container without opening it all.

2.      Custom Clearance Order

Some countries actually require business owners to create a certificate of the list. If you do not have it, you will not get costum clearance.

3.      Faster Reimbursement

When you provide a certificate of origin, you reduce the time needed by the customs officers to check all your goods. The faster your goods enter a certain country, the quicker the reimbursement process is.

Types of Certificate of Origin

There are several types of certificate of origin you may see and download online. A generic certificate consists of only the main points, like the identities of the buyers and business owners, short explanation of the certification/the goods, and signatures.

There are also country-specific certificates, which follow the rules of certain countries included in the free trade agreements, such as CAFTA and NAFTA. The form uses a more complicated design because business owners must follow certain rules regarding the destination country’s law.

A certificate of origin may sound like a regular, non-mandatory form. However, this document offers some benefits for business owners and customers, especially if the destination countries are members of free trade agreements.

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